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Grouted Paving has always been a highly sought after product finish, But notoriously expensive…Until Now. Stencil technology has revolutionised the driveway Industry, allowing you to have beautiful effects of natural stone finishes. Such has Granite Set’s, Sandstone, and much more whilst having superior strength and versatility.

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The following benefits of a stencil design driveway include:

• Weed free • Non slip • Oil resistant • U.V.stable • No grout • High weight tolerance • Frost resistant 
Easy clean • Durable • Cost effective

Making Stencil-Tech the number one premium choice, adding desirability and value to your home.

Ashlar Slate

Ashlar Slate Stencil Paving Design

Basket Weave

Basket Weave Stencil Paving Design


Brick Stencil Paving Design

Cobble Stone

Cobble Stone Stencil Paving Design

Flanders Weave

Flanders Weave Stencil Paving Design

Rustic Brick

Rustic Brick Stencil Paving Design

Carryduff Cobble

Carryduff Cobble Stencil Paving Design

Tile 12"

Tile 12 Inche Stencil Paving Design

Tile 6"

Diamond Tile

Diamond Tile Driveway Stencil Design

Diamond 1.6m

Diamond Tile Driveway Stencil Design


Mediterranean Driveway Stencil Design

Crazy Paving

Crazy Paving Driveway Stencil Design


Keystone Driveway Stencil Design

European Fan

European Fan Driveway Stencil Design

Star Compass 1.65m

Star Compass Driveway Stencil Design


Rosette Driveway Stencil Design

Cobble Rosette 1.65m

Cobble Rosette Driveway Stencil Design


Aegean Driveway Stencil Design

Border Headers

Border Headers Driveway Stencil Designs

1: Brick header
2: Cobble Header
3: Keystone Header
4: Aegean Header

Colour Options for Decorative Concrete

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