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Royal Palace Madrid

Stencil-Tech earns the Royal seal of approval!

Royal Palace Madrid
Royal Palace Madrid

Benefits of decorative concrete include:

1 :Cost-Effective

2 :Minimal disruption during installation

3 :Non-slip

4 :Weed-free

5 :Sealed surface

6 :Stain Resistant

7 :Aesthetically pleasing

After extensive research into finding a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also able to withstand heavy vehicle traffic and footfall on an area spanning 5000m².

The client approached us with a sense of urgency and tasked us with creating a mahogany sand effect as specified by leading architects for the Royal Family.

The first stage of this project had to be completed hastily, as shortly after completion, Pope Benedict would be visiting the Palace.

For security reasons, we were only allowed to take limited imagery.